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Nebuloni E. takes its name from Eugenio Nebuloni, founder of the company. In 1954, after working as a finisher in a shoe factory, his creativity and passion for elegant footwear made him decide to focus his production on women's shoes, so he founded his laboratory.

The business quickly grew and part of Eugenio’s family joined. From this moment on, the company took the structure it still has: a family-run artisan factory.

Made in Italy, quality and attention to detail are the company's foundation that has represented the brand even after the 80s when Eugenio Chiodero, Nebuloni's nephew - pattern maker and designer - took charge of the business.


^ Young Eugenio Chiodero studying pattern making in Parabiago

Nebuloni E. bases its exclusive character on an excellent manufacture which communicates innate elegance.

The timeless style of this footwear is still visible today, with the transition to the third generation, Alessio Chiodero.

The brand preserved its identity over time by producing high-quality handmade shoes and offering unique and tailor-made products on the market. Season after season, the brand provides classical and sophisticated collections to prestigious international retailers.

scarpe bianche tacco white shoes mules sandal white summer nebulonie

The way fashion is produced is changing and Nebuloni E. believes that the production of luxury footwear can be challenged and still be beautiful, elegant and sustainable. The brand’s identity extends beyond style and luxury to our way of living in the world. We think that luxury is the privilege of choosing wisely.

The brand is consistently applying the best craftsmanship techniques, our materials are sourced locally in Italy, and near our factory. With the help of Geraldine Delemme - designer/product developer -, Alessio and her introduced a zero-waste approach to the way they work, make the shoes, think the collections and the launch of the online shop.

Instead of making and holding onto stock of shoes, we have chosen to offer a made-to-order service, where clients can choose between a variety of materials and colours to create their shoes. To emphasize this new approach, we will be using archived and surplus materials from years of production to produce the orders. Customers will receive their shoes within a 3 week lead time delivered straight from our factory in Milan. 

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