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Engaging in and caring for people has always been important for Nebuloni E. As part of this commitment we continuously care for persons' integrity and control over personal data. This is a description of how Nebuloni E. looks upon data privacy and what we do to fulfill our obligation towards you and to our Partners.



Nebuloni E. shield and protects your integrity and your personal information and we always strive to be transparent on how we handle your personal data. It is also important for us to handle it lawfully and in a fair way. Therefore, Nebuloni E. does not collect and use more personal data than needed to be able to fulfill your demand and expectations on us. We also put an effort into how we protect your data, we never sell your personal data to a third party and only transfer it to our trusted partners for them to perform their tasks, for example for delivery, we transfer data to the transporting company and for payment, we transfer data to our payment provider.

In addition to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant laws and regulations Nebuloni E. respects the local legislation on personal data.

In this document, we describe step by step how, where, what and why we collect and use your personal data and how we protect your rights.

We will do our best to protect your integrity by:

   . Being transparent in informing you how we collect and use personal data.
   . Only collect the data needed to process and fulfill our commitment.
   . Only collect data that is to your benefit, for improving our performance in providing our products and services.
   . Only provide information to affiliated companies, partners or service providers to enable them to fulfill their obligations to you and us.
   . Only keep data for as long as needed to perform our obligations.
   . Upon your request provide information on what personal data we hold and handle and on what legal ground.
   . Protect your personal data by e.g. security systems, anonymization, and encryption.

You have the right to:

   . Request that we provide all your personal data that we handle once a year, free of charge.
   . Request that we correct your personal data.
   . Request that we limit our use of your personal data:
   . To the extent permitted by law request that we delete your personal data.
   . Request that we provide your personal data in machine-readable form, so-called “Data portability”


The information we collect is normally your name, customer number, address, phone number, e-mail address. We do not collect any data that isn't necessary for us to fulfill our business services.

Nebuloni E. will store data at its servers owned by Nebuloni E. and located at Nebuloni Eugenio, Via la Valletta 9, Canegrate (MI) or at servers provided by our partners or our service partners.

We do transfer data to companies within the Nebuloni E. group when needed for the purpose of fulfilling contract. We also transfer data to our partners and service providers to provide high-quality services.

Nebuloni E. limits the use of personal data by the following measures; its design and by not using technologies that are intrusive or capture data not needed to enable Nebuloni E. or its partners to deliver Nebuloni E. products and services. Privacy is a default working method at Nebuloni E.and all settings aim to be for example opt-in instead of opt-out and we do not work with authenticated users. We only collect personal data when products or services are ordered, or when a consumer requests us to provide support or information. Privacy is designed into systems by prioritizing security and data protection as part of the design and using privacy enhancements techniques like encryption and anonymization.

When visiting through https, you provide personal information in conjunction with a transaction that is called secure pages (encrypted transfer of information). Nebuloni E. is using certificates issued by Ltd. Such a certificate guarantees that you are communicating with our web site, and that the transfer of information is encrypted. Most web browsers at your devices use symbols to show if you are visiting a secure or non-secure web page. Learn more about this on


When you sign up for our Newsletter subscription you agree that we save your email address in order to regularly send our Newsletters or invitations that include information about our offers and happenings that is relevant to you.

We transfer securely your e-mail address to our service provider that sends out the email to you. We protect the personal data via a Data Privacy Agreement with our service provider. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link on the email from us or contact us on our website.


When visiting we save information about your activities on our website (for example by using cookies). A cookie is a small data file placed on your device hard drive containing information about which parts of our website you have visited. We use cookies to personalise your online experience and to collect statistical data for the purpose of improving the experience on the website. Cookies are reliable files and they cannot execute program code, transmit virus or be used to collect information about what you otherwise may use your computer for.

We use cookies for the following primary purposes; functionality, web statistics, sales, and advertising. We use the functional cookies to ensure that our online store is functioning as intended, which among other things includes that you are able to add items to your shopping cart, place an order etc.

How can I disable cookies?

Most web browsers permit to delete or block cookies and to warn you and ask for your consent before cookies are stored. You can find help in your internet browser on how to set your internet browser to handle and possible block cookies. If you do not wish to use cookies when visiting our online store this will affect your shopping experience, as we among other things use cookies to keep your shopping cart updated. The use of cookies is also necessary if you want to be able to place an order.

You can modify your browser to turn off cookies. This is very easy to do. Please note: if you disable cookies, you will not be able to make a purchase on

For example, the following links provide information on how to adjust the Cookies settings on some popular browsers:

   . Firefox
   . Internet Explorer 
   . Chrome 
   . Safari

By visiting you have the possibility to remove certain cookies individually.

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